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Talent Sourcing

Our tech powered sourcing solutions simplify the task of recruiters in finding and engaging with suitable candidates at a faster pace. These tools automate numerous tasks such as scanning job boards, internal databases, and social media platforms to identify and source the most appropriate candidates for a given role.

Our candidate connect tools drive the candidate to apply for the role and also help recruiters to engage with them throughout their interview process.


Applicant Tracking

Our powerful and easy to use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can help you to streamline your recruitment process and reduce time and cost of hiring by automating repetitive and manual tasks. Now your recruitment and hiring managers can collaborate better through enhanced communication, quicker feedback and better visibility.

We partner with leading ATS providers and help you identify the ones which meet your needs as well as fit into your budget.


Talent Assessments

Our talent assessment tools can help you to measure candidate competencies and personality traits. The tools enable recruitment teams to assess candidates by incorporating behavioral assessments, and skill testing. The outcome of these assessments provide an in-depth report on a candidate's strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits to better evaluate them.

We have a battery of assessments which can be customized to measure core skills, personality traits, cultural fitment and, leadership potential.


Offer and on-boarding

Merito's offer vault can help you to collect 360 feedback from candidates before you extend the offer. The offer-vault brings accountability in the offer process and protects your offer from being misused by candidates. It provides an innovative way to exchange offer between employers and candidates to reduce offer dropouts.

With Offer-vault you can track candidates from offer roll out stage till joining on a single dashboard.



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